Toenail fungus is a very common problem that affects millions of Americans. Although the condition usually isn’t painful, it is ugly and can draw a lot of negative attention. People with toenail fungus may not be able to get a professional pedicure and might not feel comfortable wearing sandals or open-toed shoes in public. The over-the-counter and home remedies available for toenail fungus treatment aren’t often effective in completely removing the fungus. Instead of wasting time and money on ineffective treatments, people with toenail fungus can eradicate it with laser treatment.


For most people, the cost of laser treatment means it isn’t the first course of correcting a toenail fungus problem. However, when other, less expensive options aren’t effective, it makes sense for someone who can no longer deal with their toenails the way they are to try toenail fungus laser treatment. It’s important to choose Total Body Laser & Med Spa, because we have the experience with this procedure with a high success rate.

People sometimes suffer with toenail fungus for years, trying treatment after treatment and waiting months to determine whether it was effective. In some cases, fungus will go away and then return on the same or another toe. With laser treatment, patients can find out right away whether the treatment works or not. In most cases, this type of therapy is very effective. Patients who opt for laser treatment can resume their normal activities right away and shouldn’t expect any pain or side effects from the lasers.


Total Body Laser Skin Care is pleased to introduce you to a new in-office laser treatment, which treats toenails discolored and thickened by toenail fungus. It is virtually pain free and patients can resume their normal activity within the day.


Laser therapy is a new way to eliminate nail fungus. In 2007 clinical research began that demonstrated the laser’s 88% percent effectiveness in trials. In 2010, the FDA approved the laser for clinical use and we’ve been successfully treating patients ever since.


Prescription medications approved to treat toenail fungus tend to have unwanted side effects. By instead opting for toenail fungus laser treatment Madison and Milwaukee Wi patients will not experience any pain or side effects. Laser treatment is fast and most people can get it done on their lunch hour. It takes less than half an hour to treat each foot and patients can walk right out of the office when the procedure is over.