Eyes are often looked at as one of our best features. They’re often used to tell a person what they are thinking. Although lashes are outside of the eyes, their length and strength can make a huge difference on how a person looks. Fortunately, there is a way for men and women who have naturally short or thin lashes to get more attention without resorting to expensive mascara or false lashes. Latisse is the go-to treatment for anyone who wants to improve the look of their natural lashes.


Unlike some other cosmetic treatments, Latisse is a prescription medication that has to be ordered by a medical professional. By working with Total Body Laser & Med Spa you may find out whether this is the most effective way to resolve your problem of not enough eyelashes. For some people, short eyelashes are actually a medical problem that may cause serious harm to their eyes. Without enough lashes to prevent dirt from getting into their eyes, they could be injured and may get an infection.


When this eyelash treatment is used for cosmetic purposes, it’s important for our medical professionals to ensure our client is not allergic to any ingredients and if not, that they know the proper way to use it before writing the prescription. There are potential side effects and patients should always weigh the benefits versus the risks when deciding whether or not to try a medication for cosmetic reasons. People who use it may get fuller and darker eyelashes but may want to feel better as to what to expect by scheduling a consultation with Total Body Laser & Med Spa.

Medication to grow eyelashes is a relatively recent development. Many people have had impressive results for both medical and cosmetic purposes. Fuller eyelashes can enhance someone’s appearance to draw attention to their eyes but can also lengthen her eyelashes so their eyes are less prone to injuries or infection because they are so short and thin. Only a qualified professional can prescribe this treatment. Legitimate product is not available over-the-counter or online.