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Dermaplaning is a facial treatment that exfoliates dead skin cells and vellus hair, commonly known as peach fuzz, with the help of a surgical scalpel. But is it safe to have a fine blade close to the neck, cheeks, eyes and nose, you may jump to ask. Performed by a medically-trained and licensed aesthetician, dermaplaning is safe and highly effective in delivering an even, smooth complexion.

How is the Exfoliation Achieved?

Dermaplaning is pain-free, and it is like shaving your legs. It is performed on clean and dry skin. The aesthetician holds the skin taut and scrapes off the epidermis and hair with a sterilized, 10-inch scalpel angled at 45 degrees to the face. Some people mistakenly think that this will make the facial hair grow thicker and faster. But since the structure of the hair is unaltered, it grows back at the previous speed and texture. It may appear thicker because the ends are cut by a sharp blade.

Right Skin Type for Dermaplaning
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What Are Some Other Benefits of Dermaplaning Treatment?

Dermaplaning is a great option if you have limited time and need rejuvenation and skin care on a short notice. It takes about 30 minutes, and no downtime is needed after the treatment. It can safely be combined with chemical peels and laser treatments. Since no chemicals are involved, this exfoliation is particularly suited to those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, as it eliminates the danger of potential chemical leakage into the body.

Not suitable for skin with active acne brakout

What Should You Discuss With Your Specialist?

Dermaplaning is recommended as a monthly treatment, since it removes dead cells accumulated over the course of 21 days and the body needs to complete its rejuvenation cycle. It is important to communicate with the aesthetician before and during the treatment if you are experiencing any skin allergies or irritation. Call us at 844.935.2737 for an appointment. To book a free consultation online or to view the full menu of services, visit our website.

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