Waxing has become the go-to treatment for women who don’t want to bother shaving those problem areas regularly. Waxing has better results than shaving but isn’t as expensive as laser hair removal, and when you opt for professional waxing, you can rest assured that you are getting a quality wax that will last longer.

As professional treatment centers become more popular, so have all-in-one waxing kits that you can buy for your home. Many women opt for these without realizing all the benefits they can enjoy when they choose Total Body for a waxing by a professional.


Although it may seem as if waxing at home saves you money, the truth is that there are risks associated with DIY waxing that can lead to burns and rashes. These may require expensive healing creams or medical care that negate the savings you enjoyed up front. At Total Body, we are trained professionals that know how to protect your skin.



DIY kits make waxing seem so easy. The reality is that it is a complicated procedure. To get the best results you should always see a professional. The direction of hair growth, the growth cycle and your skin type are all factors to consider. A professional understands the implications and how it can affect your skin.


You may think you’re saving time by doing your own waxing. Did you know that most appointments only take 20-30 minutes? You can have your body smooth and soft and ready to go in the same time it takes to set up at home. Not to mention that when you schedule hair removal with Total Body, we take care of the mess and don’t leave you with sticky residue all over your bathroom.


It seems like you are performing the same procedure by yourself at home, but when you choose a professional, you can trust that your skin will glow and be fuzz-free. When you wax at home, even a few missed hairs require an entire re-application of the product while a professional can reach areas you can’t, and won’t leave any hair behind.


Some opt for home waxing because they can do it anytime rather than make an appointment. When you are tempted to do your own waxing, remember how delicate your skin truly is. It requires special preparation and treatment to keep it healthy, and those are all part of the experience at Total Body.

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