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Laser Services

At Total Body, we specialize in making you feel amazing. Our highly trained staff is ready with the latest laser technology to remove unwanted hair, tattoos, and more.

Total Body Laser & MedSpa

Med Spa Services

At Total Body, we specialize in making you feel amazing. From our highly trained Teeth Whitening Professionals revitalizing your bright smile, to our team of medically trained professionals that safely perform Microneedling or Skin Tag & Mole Removal, we will help you look and feel younger.

Botox & Injectables Services

At Total Body Laser & MedSpa, we specialize in making you feel amazing. Our medically trained staff is ready to help you with looking and feeling younger with a variety of treatments to remove wrinkles and bring back your youthful appearance.

Total Body Laser & MedSpa


“I had a very stubborn tattoo that 2 other laser removal places could not remove after years of laser treatment. I came here and while it still took a few sessions, the picosure laser was able to immediately start fading the tattoo. Again, this is after other places (multiple lasers and multiple locations) had completely failed. Pay a bit more for the picosure right away, you won’t be disappointed. Good and friendly staff too.”

– Jason Vevea

“I get really bad shave rashes on my under arms so I did my research and went to consult at three different places and Total Body Jody was most definitely the winner. They listen to your problems and are very professional. They easily work around your schedule. If you are thinking about any laser hair removal Jody is the best!”

– De Anna Sellers

“I had stubborn tattoos that couldn’t be lifted from traditional lasers. I now have had my second session with total body laser skin care, and my tattoos are gone. Don’t waste time or money anywhere else. They have amazing knowledgeable staff and and many different services available.”

– Kari Machtan