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Reduce the Appearance of Sun Damage to Skin with Laser Treatment

Pigmentation problems caused by the sun can make a person look and feel older. Although the time they spent in the sun while they were younger might have given their skin a golden glow, the long-term effects aren’t as pretty. Fortunately, there are effective ways to treat sun damage to skin that can restore a person’s youthful appearance. Of all the options available, laser treatment is the fastest and most effective way to treat skin damage caused by the sun.

Laser Treatment

Instead of wasting money on over-the-counter products, people who really want to correct their skin issue opt for laser treatment for sun damage. Modern lasers are fast as well as effective at removing sun spots on the face, neck and back. In the past, these lasers were painful because they used intense heat. Patients sometimes couldn’t complete their treatment in one session and when they did, they had to be prepared for downtime, especially when treating sun spots on the face.

Lasers can remove the melanin from sun spots, age spots and freckles. Without dark spots, women can wear less makeup and look younger without doing much to their face in the morning. Because the procedure is relatively painless, it makes sense for anyone who wants to look younger without surgery to consider laser treatment for their sun damage or pigmentation issues.

Benefits of Treatment dermaplanning

Most skin sun damage is caused by overexposure during a person’s youth. Children and young adults who spend too much time outdoors without appropriate skin protection are at risk for sun damage. For those who weren’t aware of the risks and have already sustained damage, safe and affordable laser treatment is available to reverse the damage by eliminating the melanin from the dark spots.

Causes and Treatments for Uneven Skin Pigmentation

Skin discoloration affects many people today. In some cases, the lightening or darkening of the skin is caused by the sun and in others, it’s a genetic condition. Many of these issues can be treated. Although there are plenty of over-the-counter creams and lotions that claim to resolve Skin Pigmentation issues, it’s important to have any spots or patches of discolored skin evaluated by a professional.


Dark Spots

There are a couple of different causes for dark spots. For example, age spots are typically caused by sun exposure and some people may be genetically predisposed to get them as they get older. These spots are typically benign but odd shapes spots should be looked at by a dermatologist to determine if they need sun damage treatment. If a person is embarrassed by the spots, they may be removed with the help of over-the-counter or prescription creams or even laser treatment.

Melasma is another common Skin Pigmentation problem that often appears during pregnancy due to the hormonal changes a woman experiences when she’s carrying a child. This condition isn’t dangerous but since it tends to occur on the face, woman might want to get rid of the additional melanin on their skin. Fortunately, there are treatments for melasma that can be applied directly to the affected area.

Light Spots

Light spots can be just as obvious as dark spots or patches on the skin. One of the most common causes of skin lightening is vitiligo. This condition typically starts as a small spot of white skin and expands to cover large areas of the face or body. Doctors aren’t exactly sure what causes the melanin in the skin to die or stop functioning. When vitiligo is caused by an autoimmune response, corticosteroids may be effective at treating the condition.

There are a number of remedies available for people with skin conditions such as light or brown spots patches on skin. Some of them have side effects so it’s important to carefully weigh the risks versus the benefits of over-the-counter, prescription and laser therapy to treat discoloration on the face and body. A dermatologist may suggest a biopsy for some dark spots and moles.

Skin Renewal and Wrinkle Reduction

Resurfacing is a common method of skin renewal wrinkle reduction. Lasers are some of the most versatile tools. When used in different ways, they can have varying effects on the skin.

It’s Ok for Darker Skin

A big misconception about laser treatments is that they’re only appropriate for those with light skin tones. While some lasers may cause cell damage or discoloration in darker complexions, an experienced doctor can recommend the right laser for any skin tone.

laser skin resurfacing dark skin

Now is the Right Time for Treatment

Time and temperature are important considerations when receiving laser treatment. Treated skin may be more sensitive to the sun for almost a year after it has been treated. A doctor may suggest waiting until fall, winter, or spring when you are not in the sun as often.

Medications Are an Important Consideration

Some medications can affect the results of laser treatment, and it’s important for patients to be honest about the medicines they’re taking. For instance, acne medicines with isotretinoin can cause severe breakouts when used with laser treatments, and OTC medicines like aspirin can cause bleeding after a procedure.

Different Lasers Do Different Things

CO2 lasers treat scars and deep damage, while an erbium laser stimulates collagen production, making it ideal for laser skin wrinkle removal. Other laser types include:

Choose the Right Med Spa

Finally, the med spa a patient chooses can make all the difference in his or her results. In a trained professional’s hands, lasers are an effective, safe way to improve the condition of the skin. Call Total Body Laser Med Spa today to schedule a consultation or visit the website to learn more about laser skin wrinkle reduction.


If your skin has fine wrinkles, stretch marks, dark spots or scars, you might be wondering if there is an effective, non-surgical option that offers lasting results. You do have many different options for skin resurfacing, such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels, ablative lasers and photofacials. Traditional ablative lasers are very effective in improving the condition of your skin, but there are potential complications. The recovery time can be prohibitive.

Fractional laser skin treatment offers fewer side effects than standard ablative technologies but are very effective at removing sun spots on the face and neck, improving the skin’s texture and reducing fine lines. The method targets selected areas of the skin, leaving healthy skin perfectly intact.


How a Revolutionary Picosure Laser Treats Skin and Removes Tattoos

Discoloration of skin presents itself in many forms. Freckles, age spots, dark circles under the eyes, and acne scars are just a few examples. Tattoo ink also colors the skin. The original tattoo may have had significance at the time, but many people regret the decision to get one. In those cases, people seek effective ways to remove the tattoo.

Many Solutions in One Tool

The Picosure Laser can remove tattoos, eliminate discoloration of the skin, and even restore a youthful appearance to a wrinkled face. This new laser can accommodate many needs because it works differently than traditional lasers. Those used high heat that built up during treatments. The results were moderate pain, burning of the surrounding tissue, and inconsistent success.

A dark tattoo, for example, may be faded and less noticeable after traditional treatments, but it would still be evident. Severe acne scars could be minimized, but not entirely eliminated. The risks of side effects are greater with traditional lasers as well.

Less heat is required when a Picosure Laser is used because rapidly delivered energy causes pigment and ink to vibrate and shatter. The tiny particles are then washed away by the natural processes of the immune system. Even dark tattoo ink is broken up and eliminated. There is less discomfort and no burning of surrounding tissue.


How Long Does Treatment Last?

Removal of tattoo ink and acne scars produce permanent results. Treatment numbers and duration vary, but the average for tattoo removal is four to ten treatments of ten minutes each. The medical professionals at Total Body Laser Tattoo Removal can apply a topical anesthetic to minimize any discomfort during your treatment.


If you’re tired of looking tired and years older than you actually are, platelet rich plasma treatment may be right for you. To learn more about how you can erase away the signs of aging and achieve smooth, glowing and long-lasting results, schedule a session with a Total Body specialist today. Call 844-935-2737 or use our online contact form to book your free consultation.

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