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Facial Chemical Peels

Reduce or Remove Blotchy Patches on the Skin

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It’s not easy to keep the skin looking radiant, and even those with healthy lifestyles and solid skincare routines may be left with a ruddy or dull complexion. Facial Peels work by gradually removing dead skin cells to remove a smoother, softer layer of skin. Peels are an effective way to achieve a radiant glow, and they can help to reduce the appearance of excessive pigmentation, wrinkles, and fine lines. If a patient wants to give their appearance a significant lift without the hassle, expense, and recovery time of surgery, Chemical Peels may be the secret to achieving a more youthful look. In this guide, patients can learn some of the benefits of this common cosmetic treatment.

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Facial peels are intended to gently remove the outermost layers of skin. This process is used to improve and smooth the texture of skin while reducing imperfections, blemishes and pigmentation issues.

GlyPro Resurfacing Peel

Repairs and regenerates skin. A versatile and fast acting acid exfoliant, improves the appearance of facial lines, uneven tone and texture.

For all skin types concerned with ageing, uneven texture and pigmentation.
AB Clinical Renewal Peel

This physician strength formula combines Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids to refine skins surface texture and reduce the appearance of uneven tone while clearing blemishes.

For all skin types and concerns, except sensitivity.
Triple Transformation Peel

This modified Jessner formula delivers a synergy of effective acids designed to create transformative results. Reducing the appearance of melasma, freckles, and acne.

For all skin types and concerns with pigmentation, acne and acne scarring; except sensitivity.
TCA Clinical Reveal Peel

This physician strength formula combines TCA with other exfoliating agents to improve the appearance of aging skin, smooth fine lines and enhance skin tone. Probiotics and antioxidants support repair.

For all skin types concerned with aging, uneven texture and hyperpigmentation.

1. A More Even Skin Tone

Facial Peels in Madison WI can reduce or remove blotchy patches on the skin. These blemishes can create a duller complexion, and in most cases, they don’t clear up without help. A facial chemical peel can go deep enough to remove the darkened layer of skin, which will gradually even out the patient’s skin tone and make them look younger overall.

2. Reversing the Looks of Sun Damage

The sun’s rays may be pleasant at first, but prolonged exposure can be damaging to the skin. The sun is the primary cause of wrinkles and fine lines, which can be prevented with a good skincare routine. With a chemical peel, the skin layer that’s damaged by the sun is removed, leaving a smooth, fresh, and youthful layer behind.

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3. Controlling or Eliminating Acne Breakouts

If a patient suffers from acne problems, chemical peeling may become an important part of their skincare and treatment program. A lighter peel such as a glycolic acid or AHA peel is more appropriate for those with acne-prone and sensitive skin, and these peels can also clear up acne scars and inflammation in just a few months of treatment.

4. Lightening the Skin

Changing seasons, poor diet, and not getting enough sleep can leave a patient with a dull, lifeless, and prematurely aged complexion. However, a powerful chemical peel made with phenolic acid can treat deeper wrinkles while lightening dark patches and age spots.

5. Shorter Recovery Periods

Most of today’s chemical peel procedures require only one or two sessions before noticeable cell turnover is observed. At that time, the patient will start to see results in only a few days. Best of all, there’s almost no recovery time required, although patients may be advised to limit sun exposure.

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chemical peels may help to reduce hyperpigmentation

6. Smoother, Healthier Looking Skin

Removing old, dead skin cells and revealing a new, fresh layer of skin means that the patient will have youthful, smooth appearance and better skin texture. When patients want an easy way to turn back the clock, a peel may be the way to go.

7. Removal Of Age Spots

No one likes to grow older, especially when they see the effects of aging every time they look in the mirror. It’s hard to hide age spots under makeup, but today’s chemical peels may help to reduce hyperpigmentation and even out the patient’s skin tone, making those dark spots less noticeable.

8. Simple, Quick Treatments

The application process for a chemical peel, along with the set time, seldom exceeds 20 minutes. In most instances, a patient can be in and out of the practitioner’s office in less than an hour. A chemical peel only removes the uppermost layers of skin, which means that the patient only has to deal with slight irritation and redness for a day or so following one of these Spa Treatments.

9. Increased Natural Production of Collagen

Chemical peels, especially those containing glycolic acid, will help the body increase its own natural collagen production. Collagen is one of the building blocks of skin; it creates a supple, strong surface.

10. Facial Chemical Peels Help for Better-Looking Skin

With the regular removal of dead skin cells, the skin is freshened up and left silky and smooth. Modern chemical peels help to remove these dead skin cells and even the patient’s skin tone, leaving them with a youthful, vibrant, and fresh look.


Despite all the benefits of chemical peels, there are some other factors to consider. Because the uppermost layer of skin is removed, the rest of the skin is made extremely sensitive to the sun’s rays. Winter is typically the best time to receive a chemical peel, and patients will have to apply a sunscreen if they go outdoors, especially in the first few days after getting a peel. Call today for more information on Chemical Peels in Madison WI.

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