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Wide Variety of Eyelash Extensions Sizes and Colors

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Like any other beauty enhancement, getting eyelash extensions definitely has an effect on your life, starting with looking in the mirror every day. It’s a different person – in a good way! – looking back at you until you get used to it. But, most women probably agree that eyelash extensions definitely create a dramatic difference in their appearance. Long, luxurious lashes frame the eyes and get you noticed!

Total Body Spa and Salon offers a wide variety of eyelash extensions sizes and colors in the three types of material that are available – mink (both natural and synthetic), silk, and synthetic – so you’ll definitely find what’s just right for you. But, what kind of eyelash extensions are just right for you?


While real mink is available, it is the most expensive of the eyelash extensions. But, don’t worry – no minks get hurt harvesting natural mink fur; they just get brushed and the hair that comes off is sterilized before use. Most salons do use synthetic mink extensions, which are a bit less expensive but have many of the natural look and feel of natural mink. The softest and lightest of the three materials, mink can be layered to really build volume on individual eyelashes. Mink eyelash extensions do take a bit longer to be applied but they deliver the absolute best-looking eyelash extensions.

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Eyelash Extensions Services

Classic Lash Extensions (Synthetic Mink)

The classic lash extension is perfect for the client who already has full lashes but wishes to add more length with a more natural look.

Full set


1 week fill


2 week fill


3 week fill


4 week fill

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A more affordable option than mink, silk eyelash extensions are darker in tone, so many women find they don’t have to use mascara – a nice time-saver every day. In reality, silk extensions aren’t made from real silk – they are synthetic. Lightweight and soft against your face, they are slightly heavier than and not quite as natural-looking as mink. Silk is a good choice due to its affordability and durability, which is probably why it’s the most commonly-used material for eyelash extensions.


Made from acrylic, synthetic eyelash extensions stay curled much longer than the other two types of material and are the most affordable type of eyelash extensions. Synthetic eyelash extensions aren’t quite as natural-looking as the other materials, and not quite as long-lasting, but they’re a good choice for anyone who wants to try eyelash extensions without investing a lot until they get comfortable with having eyelash extensions.

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How They’re Applied

Your Total Body Spa and Salon professional will talk with you to learn what you’re looking for and comfortable with, then help you choose the proper size of extensions for your eyes and confirm everything with you before your appointment begins.

Eyelash extensions are glued to each individual eyelash. The professionals at Total Body Spa and Salon are fully trained on applying extensions. A gel-based tape is applied over your lower lashes so nothing gets on them during application. We only use safe, non-irritant glue that avoids damaging your natural lashes, and we have several different types to avoid any potential sensitivity.


Call for an appointment today with a Total Body Spa and Salon professional and see a more glamorous you in the mirror tomorrow!

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