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Like the proverbial cherry that tops off that perfect ice cream sundae, gorgeous nails provide the finishing touch that says “Look out world – I got this.” Giving you more than just a trim and a new color of nail polish, Total Body Spa and Salon offer a full range of services to help you get and keep beautiful, healthy nails.


Getting a professional manicure is one of the most affordable ways to pamper yourself. Schedule a full manicure and be treated like royalty. Sit, relax, and let your Total Body Spa and Salon manicure professional take you away from daily stresses. Your manicure professional is trained to help you get and keep stronger, healthier nails. We will remove any old polish safely and completely, then prepare your nails from the ground up, starting with shaping to work with the natural structure of your nails. Want something different? Be sure to let your manicure professional know what you’re thinking – they will know just how to achieve the look you’re after.

What Does Manicure Includes?

A full manicure includes:

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Other Manicure Services We Offer

Nail Hydration treatment – the best manicure starts with strong nails. Your nails are made of keratin and they can dry out, just like your hair, especially during our long, cold Wisconsin winters. Nail polish, especially gel nail polish, dries out your fingernails and can make them brittle, so protect them with a soothing hydration treatment before your manicure. We use the finest products and natural oils to nourish your nails and help to rehydrate them so they stay strong and beautiful.

French manicure (nail tips) – the height of understated elegance, a French manicure exudes confidence and professionalism. Minimalist natural color contrasts beautifully with clean, white tips. Or, if you want a bit sassier look, try a reverse French (half-moon) manicure.

Special occasions – Let Total Body Spa and Salon help you get ready for all your special occasions. Our manicure professionals can help give you those finishing touches that make a statement. Give us a call for your:

Nails Services

Our beautiful state-of-the-art facility provides a little get away from all the stress in your life. Our salon provides a complete collection of therapeutic and refreshing nail care. Come and get pampered!


Our manicure professionals are trained to help you obtain and maintain healthy, stronger nails. Manicures include, polish removal, warm soak, shaping, cuticle maintenance, hand massage, and polish regular or gel! Upgrade to a Spa Manicure for added hydration of a paraffin treatment.

Classic Manicure


Classic Gel Polish


Spa Manicure


Spa Gel Polish


Sport Manicure (everything but the polish)


Polish Change


Gel Soak Off


Get pampered with a spa pedicure in our super comfy chairs that will help you relax. We will remove any polish and moisturize the nails one foot at a time while we trim, file, and shape the nails. Enjoy a luxurious warm foot soak, scrub, and foot massage. Upgrade to a Spa Pedicure for added hydration of a paraffin treatment.

Classic Pedicure


Spa Pedicure


Sport Pedicure (everything but the polish)



Call today and get an appointment with a Total Body Spa and Salon manicure professional who will help you get and keep beautiful, healthy nails!

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