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5 Tattoo Removal Techniques That Don’t Work

October 10, 2018
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If you want to know the differences between Tattoo Removal Techniques, if you plan to get one or multiple tattoos removed, it’s normal to have a lot of questions about how it’s done. You may do some research online or ask around and get a variety of different opinions and recommendations about tattoo removal. But you don’t need to feel overwhelmed by the numerous available options. You can remove most methods from your consideration because they don’t work effectively.

No matter how many times you’ve read online or heard from a friend about the effectiveness of creams, dermabrasion, saline, surgery, or acid peels, they’re not worth it.

5 Tattoo Removal Techniques that May Not Work for You

Here’s why these tattoo removal techniques don’t work and why you should opt for laser removal instead.

1. Creams

You may be tempted to try a tattoo removal technique using cream because some of them are fairly affordable and you can apply them yourself. However, beware of the potential damage you can cause. These creams are made with strong chemicals that can result in peeling, itching, and permanent scarring. Not only can these creams cause severe skin damage from chemical burns, but they never actually reach the layer where your tattoo ink rests–so they don’t actually remove tattoos.

2. Dermabrasion

This method uses deep exfoliation to remove multiple layers of your skin. Essentially, dermabrasion sands down the skin with an abrasive brush. This technique is painful and removes a lot of skin, leaving it vulnerable to infections. Dermabrasion is a type of surgical procedure, that requires local anesthesia to appropriately numb the skin. At the end of this treatment, you’ll have an unsightly scar that is more unappealing and noticeable than the tattoo you are trying to remove.

3. Saline

You may have heard that saline is often used to fade tattoos, especially by tattoo artists themselves. Some tattoo artists will actually tattoo saline into the skin surrounding the tattoo. While this technique may seem to make sense, it really only works to fade old tattoos and pave the way for a cover-up piece. If you want to actually get rid of your tattoo ink, this doesn’t accomplish that goal.

4. Surgery

Another ineffective method of our list with tattoo removal techniques that don’t work is literally getting it cut from your skin. This may sound like it would work, but surgeons are rarely able to get deep enough to remove your entire tattoo. It can also lead to discolored and bumpy scars.

5. Acid Peels

Some people try to use acid to remove multiple layers of the skin. Most of these techniques involve either TCA or glycolic acid. Just like creams, you can often buy these acids online and attempt it on your own to remove tattoos at home. However, this can cause significant chemical burns and irreversible scars. No convenience is worth the permanent consequences of any of this list with tattoo removal techniques that don’t work.

Now that you know about these tattoo removal techniques that don’t work, it’s time for you to know that laser tattoo removal is the only way to go. With the PicoSure laser, our tattoo removal experts can target ink with precision and remove it without damaging your skin. This is the most advanced technology available that results in accuracy and minimal-to-no scarring. To learn more about what makes this innovative laser technology the best way to remove your tattoos, read about our PicoSure laser.